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Feature Comparison

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Point of Sale Feature Comparison for
Point of Success Standard and Point of Success Premium d

No matter which version you choose, Point of Success point of sale software is an extraordinary value!

Point of Success Premium is recommended for delivery restaurants and for any restaurant or bar where its enhanced features can help improve efficiency. Point of Success Standard is a great system for restaurants and bars that need its back-to-basics approach to point of sale.

Point of Sale Features

Standard Version

Premium Version

General Features



Works for table service and counter service (quick service restaurants, table service restaurants, buffets, bars and more)

Control cash by tracking and balancing cash register tills

Works with common, inexpensive POS hardware

Limit access to sensitive features with security settings

Manage deliveries (delivery dispatch screen, service level color flags, delivery reporting, customer time commitment tracking, mapping)


Store and track customer information


Manager’s real-time information screen (up-to-the-minute statistics for number and amount of orders, estimated food cost, hourly labor cost, gross margin, clocked in employees)


Print box labels for delivery and carry-out orders


Control cash in delivery driver and server banks


Sell items from a restaurant’s retail department or gift shop (enter lookup code or scan bar code)


Quickly change prices on many products with a spreadsheet-style window


Change order entry background screens to customize image for a restaurant


Order Entry Features



Touch screen order entry

Works with a keyboard and mouse

Touch items on an order to edit or delete the item

Large, easy-to-read order entry buttons

Customize the order entry menu to fit your restaurant

One screen pizza ordering


Combination ordering with upsizing


Basic discounts (amount or percentage off)

Advanced discounts (two for the price of one, buy x and get y free or discounted, target amounts, minimum order amount, maximum discount amount, quantity limits, discount an item when purchased in combination with other items, and more)


Recall the last order with one button press


Future orders (for large scheduled orders or catering)


Flexible pricing for partial pie pizza toppings


Restaurant Efficiency Features



Transmit order preparation information to kitchen and bar

Reprint prep tickets and customer receipts

Print Z reports for cash register tills

Find open orders by customer name, order number or server

Accurately track cash drops, paid outs and over/short information

Total number of remote kitchen/bar printers supported



Kitchen monitor


Open food items (ask for price when entering order)


Product alert messages (gives immediate information about a product, like inventory information or a reminder to ask for ID on age restricted products)


Choose to print receipts only on selected orders (saves paper)


Enter and track the time an order is promised to a customer


Quick Pay payment tender option can be used to speed customer service  

Marketing Features



Print promotional message on customer receipts

Product sales achievement by staff report

Coupon redemption tracking

Timed product pricing (automatically charge different prices for lunch, dinner or happy hour)


Lazy and lost customer reports and mailing labels


Top 50 business and residential customer lists


Delivery Features



Flag late orders


View orders currently out with a driver


Dispatch and track deliveries


Warn on undeliverable addresses


Street name auto-complete (fill in remainder of street name after typing first few characters)


Automatic selection of delivery zone based on customer address


Different pricing for delivered products


Mapping for delivery



Point of Sale Info

Add on Features

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